Oct 30, 2012

Australia experience /オーストラリアに触れる

Hi there.  Did you have a good weekend?  Hope you did. :)  I had a fun weekend at an amateur Australian football game where my friend played.  It was my first time to see Australian football!  It took me a while to understand what was going on at the field because I didn't know any of the rules, but I enjoyed cheering for my friend's team. :)

At the game, I had Australian beers for the first time and loved them!  It was pretty cold outside, so we were drinking while shaking though. lol  One was called “Victoria Bitter” and the other was called “Crown Lager”.  Crown Lager tasted like our beer in Japan whereas Victoria Bitter had bitter taste as it says in its name.  I enjoyed them both. :)  And one Australian lady brought some Australian sweets called “lamington”, and she was kind and let me try them.  They were so delicious! :D  She explained how to make it, so maybe I should try making it sometime. :)  This is Victoria Bitter and lamington (chocolates and coconuts) in the picture.
My little Australia experience was so much fun! :)  By the way, what's your favorite sweets?  Anything typical in your country?



Oct 25, 2012

Incoming letter / 届いたお手紙

Some wonderful letters were waiting for me when I got home yesterday. :)  This one is from my dear penpal in Canada.
And the stamp.
I'm surprised how expensive the postage over there has become.  When I was living in Canada a decade ago, I remember that it was something like CAN$1.25 to send a letter to Japan, but now it's CAN$1.80!  Japan post office hasn't increased the postage for a long time (I think the last increase was in 1994), so I guess we're lucky.  I hope many people keep using post office so that they can keep the postage as it is now! :)

And this lovely letter is from my dear penpal in Indonesia.  She enclosed some nice designed Band-Aids for me.
It seems like the letter made a stopover at Taipei in Taiwan before it came to Japan! :)
I love the stamps!
Has your country's post office increased the postate recently?  Do you know how much it costs to send a letter to Japan?  Increase on postage is not fun at all, but with all the email and SNS tools that you can exchange messages for free, I guess not so many people are willing to spend money on postages nowadays. :(  However, I believe that the letter-writing is a wonderful culture that will survive this era of technology! :)

Oct 24, 2012

Outgoing letters/お手紙発送

Thanks a lot for leaving your comments on my previous posting about my second fumi no hi give-away project. :)  So far 8 persons made their entry!  Nice!!

I sent out 2 letters and 2 packages on Monday, and they're traveling to my penpals in France, UK (X2) and USA.  I hope they will arrive at their destination soon. :)
It's always hard to find the right size of an envelope with bubble wrap inside.  The orange package in the picture looks huge, but the contents aren't that huge.  I just couldn't find the right envelope with bubble wrap, so I used a big one. :p  At least the postage doesn't change depending on how large the package is (it's based on the weight), I don't mind using a little bigger envelope though.

Have a nice day!





Oct 22, 2012

Incoming letters / 届いたお手紙

Here are the lovely incoming letters I received in the last couple of weeks.  My mailbox has been really happy. :D

This is from my lovely pal in UK.  She enclosed some magazine clippings about how to improve your sleeping quality.  I think it’s a nice idea to share an article with your pal and talk about it.  You might find some nice tips for your life that you won’t find it in your own country. :)  I thought of looking for some articles as well but then realized that I first had to translate the Japanese into English. :p  By the way, what do you do to have good sleep?  I usually take a long bath or have a tea without caffeine. :)
This is from my pal in Poland.  Her last letter got lost, so I’m really happy that this time it arrived here safely.  It’s always disappointing to find out that the letter went missing, but maybe like my pal’s letter that was first sent to Jamaica and then to Japan taking over 6 months, your letter might show up someday. ;)
I love the stamp. :)
And last but not the least, this is from my dear pal in UK.  Her package was stuck in my mailbox, so I had to pull out with force. :D  I wish my mailbox had a “bigger mouth”.  When I opened the package, I smelled something very delicious, and it was this Hello Kitty gummy.  She also enclosed some chocolates and tea bags for me.  She knows me very well. :D
Wonderful stamps!  I love the one with a guy having a big smile. :D
I’m proud of myself that I managed to take pictures of chocolates and gummy before I eat them.  I’m always so fast to eat sweets. :)

Now I have some letters to write back.  Excited! :D




Oct 3, 2012

Outgoing letter/お手紙発送

Do you celebrate Halloween?  Here in Japan, it’s getting popular and at stores you can find lots of Halloween goods like candies, stationery (yes!), costumes etc, but it’s just for a little fun.  I saw my American penpal started talking about Halloween on her facebook, so I decorated her letter a bit like Halloween. :)  I failed to draw the spider's web on the upper left corner, but oh well. lol  I wish we had some spooky stamps to match the Halloween theme!
Hope she will like it. :)



Oct 1, 2012

Outgoing letters/お手紙発送

How many pages do you write in average?  I usually write 6 to 12 A5 pages (front side only), and after writing 2 letters my hand gets numb.  Maybe I hold my pen too hard. :(  Last night I wrote 2 letters, 12 pages each, and I wonder if they can read my handwriting on the last page because that looked so messy...:p  By the way, some of my pals told me in their letters that they liked my letterset I used and wanted to know where they can find them, but I couldn't remember which letterset I used, so this time I decided to take the picture of the contents so that I remember which one I used and if I have extra, I can share them with them. :)

This is to my dear Malaysian penpal who now lives in Australia.  I enclosed some pictures from Tokyo. :) 
We had many things to catch up with, so the letter got a bit longer this time.  I received her long letter in early summer after her few months of break in letter-writing as she was getting ready for her moving to Australia, and then I couldn’t write her back during the whole summer.

And I also enclosed a postcard of Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto in autumn time.  She was in Japan last autumn, and we met up for dinner.  At that time, she told me that she loved the autumn leaves a lot and even now still talks about it in her letters.  She wants to come back to Japan, next time in Kyoto for more historical sites, so I think she will like this card. :)
Last year, she was supposed to visit Japan in spring for cherry blossoms, but then we had the huge earthquake in March and so she had to postpone her trip to autumn.  She always says that next time she wants to visit here for cherry blossoms like she first planned, and I really hope it will happen for real in very near future and we can meet again!!! :D

And this one is for my German pal now living in Italy.  Some pictures of our food are enclosed as well.
I also enclosed a postcard from Arashiyama region in Kyoto in autumn.  I've been there in autumn time, and it's so beautiful there.  You can enjoy a river cruishing enjoying the gorgeous autumn colorful leaves. :)



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