Jun 8, 2012

Cute lettersets / 可愛い便箋

I stopped by at one of my favorite stationary shops on the way home and found these 2 lovely lettersets. :)  They come with 4 very unique letter sheets (I will explain this later), 4 transparent envelopes (is this English word correct to call such envelope??) and stickers. 
These are what come for rose one.
The back side of pink roses are yellow roses.
OK, this is how the letter sheet works.  You open the rose like this...
And you get a letter sheet like this one.
Back side of the letter sheet looks like this.
This one is gerbera, my favorite flower. :)
Back side of yellow gerbera is orange gerbera.
These lettersets are for short letter; one letter sheet with one envelope, so I might decorate the sheet and use it for a birthday card etc.  I will see. :)  By the way, I think I have to learn how to take good pictures!  I'm so bad! lol


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Jun 7, 2012

About first letter / 最初の手紙

If you ask someone to be your penpal on the internet like facebook or some penpalling sites, do you write first or do you ask the person to write first?  I don’t mind writing first if I don’t have any letters to write, but if I do have some letters to reply, then I prefer the person who asked first writes first.

OK, the reason why I’m asking this is because this week, I received 2 messages asking if I’m interested in being their penpal, and both of them asked me to write the first letter.  It was OK.  What I felt uncomfortable was that both said “I’m so busy, so could you write first?  Here is my address.”, and I was like if you’re so busy and can’t find time to write one letter, why bother to have one more pal?  When I read their messages, I was about to reply “Sorry!  I’m also too busy to write a letter”, but I thought it was just too mean and rude so just said “Sorry, I’m not looking for a new pal right now.”

It’s true.  Right now, I’m not actively looking for a new penpal as I already have many good pals, so unless I feel some “click” with the person, I don’t take the offer.  I know there’re so many nice people out there that I would definitely want to correspond with, but I prefer to have good amount of penpals that I can picture their face when I’m writing to them.  And now with this blog, I can get to know other great penpallers.  I’m happy to have another tool to correspond with nice penpallers like you! :)

Anyway, I just didn’t really understand why they asked me to be their penpal when they’re so busy.  What would you have done if you were in my shoe?  Do you think you would give it a try?




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Jun 6, 2012

Tea from India / インドの紅茶

I received lots of tea from India!!!
These have Taj Mahal design!  Very Indian! :)
Stamps on the envelope.  I wonder who this guy at the bottom is.
I'm very looking forward to trying them! :)

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Jun 5, 2012

Card from Finland/フィンランド

I received this beautiful card from Finland via Postcrossing.  I smiled when I saw this card because on the right bottom next to Santa Claus, I saw "Finland" written in Japanese (フィンランド).  Cool! :D
You can see old town of "Porvoo" on the upper left-hand, "Northern Lights" on the lower left-hand (beautiful!), "Midnight Sun" on the upper right-hand, and Santa Claus living in Lapland up in the north on the lower right-hand.

"Midnight Sun" reminds me of my visit to Finland in 1997 (Wow, that sounds so long ago! lol).  I was so suprised that their sun didn't go down even at night!  I had a very difficult time sleeping whlie I was there, and I wondered how Finnish people managed to have good sleep in summer when the sun is still so bright outside.

In summer time, what time does the sun go down in your area?  Here in Tokyo, I would say by 7pm, it starts getting darker.  Now the night is getting shorter, and I can feel like that summer is coming soon! :)


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Jun 4, 2012

Things I have with me when writing letters / お手紙アイテム

When writing letters, what do you usually have with you besides, of course, pen and paper?  Today I would like to introduce my letter-writing items.  First of all, let me introduce my best friend, “Ms. Electronic Dictionary”. :)
I’m a horrible speller, so I have to check my spelling with her especially if the word contains more than 8 alphabets. :p  By the way, do you have any specific word that you always have trouble spelling?  For some reason, I can't spell "congratulation" and often misspell it as "congraturation".  I don't like spelling "definitely" either.  I often misspell it as "definetely". :$  I also use her to look up words, of course.  She is so smart! :D
And a cup of tea.  I love all different kinds of flavors, but my favorite is green tea.  I just started to document all the foreign tea I tried in a notebook to remember the flavor and also to collect the package.  This is the page that I documented tea received from my Lithuanian pal.
I write down the ingredients, color of the tea, country, the taste and how I liked it. :)  I hope I can try lots of different flavors from all over the world and make this notebook thicker with all the tea packages! :)

Do you drink anything when writing your letter?



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Jun 2, 2012

Cards from Germany / ドイツ

I received 2 beautiful postcards from a girl in Germany via swap group!  This postcard shows the famous view of Danube, medieval bridge, beridgetower, salt store and St. Peter's Cathedral of the city called Regensburg in the south east of Germany.
When I saw this postcard, I was like "Wait a minute!  I've seen this view!!".  Well, I've never seen this view with my own eyes, but I knew I've seen  exactly the same view before.  And I found it in my travel guide book of Germany.  Here it is.  It's the same, right?? :D
My guide book says that Regensburg is a breathtaking city.  I agree.  It's so beautiful!!  And the stamp she put shows Regensburg, too!  What's exciting is that this stamp was issued for the friendship between Germany and Japan, so you can see Japanese written on the stamp!  So nice!!! :)
And this is the other postcard she sent me.  I LOVE this!  It shows the traditions and particularities of her state Bavaria.
I love the traditional costumes, food&beer, the moutains, flowers...so nice.  I wonder what the German written on the card says.  Could anyone tell me?

Those beautiful postcards make me want to visit Germany again...I wish I could just jump on the train and off to Germany! :D



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Jun 1, 2012

Meeting with my Hungarian pal / ハンガリーのパルと会う

Have you met any of your penpals?  I’ve met my Finnish pal twice, Singaporean pal and Malaysian pal once, and last month I met my Hungarian pal! :)  She was traveling Japan for 2 weeks and asked me if I was interested in meeting her while she was staying in Tokyo.  At first, I was a bit nervous because we exchanged only 2-3 letters by then.  I wasn’t sure if we could get along well as I can be pretty shy at the beginning, but it turned out to be a great meeting! :)

Well, I must admit that I probably looked weird at the station when waiting for my pal and her boyfriend because every time I saw a couple of Westerners, I stared at them trying to see if they were “them” I was looking for.  I saw her picture before, but most Westerners look alike to me and so it was hard to spot them from the distance.  I had to make sure that I knew they were them before I actually run to them and give them a hug. lol  Luckily, I could spot them soon and so gave hug to the right people. :)  I took them to a Japanese restaurant, and we had lots of fun!  Here are some of our dinner.
This is sashimi (fresh raw fish).
Grilled chicken with some vegetable.
Dessert.  Green tea ice-cream with some other sweets. :)
They brought me some souvenirs from Hungary. It was SO kind of them.  I absolutely love them all!  Here is a lovely doll wearing traditional Hugarian costume and the bag that the doll was in.  It says Hungary, and I love the flower design!  Their traidtional costume is so lovely! :)
And this one is beautiful Hungarian embroidery.  She said that embroidery design differs depending on the regions.  Woha, this is really lovely! :)
I'm really glad that we could meet up.  It was only 4-5 hours that we were together, but we became really good friends. :)  I hope one day I can visit her in Hungary!
待ち合わせの駅の改札で、多分、挙動不審だった私(^^;彼女の写真は一度見たことがありますが、欧米人の顔はどの人も同じように見えて、それらしき人がいるとジーッと見つめてしまいました。失礼しましたm(_ _)mでも、間違って全然違う人のところにダッシュしてハグでもしようものなら、それこそ不審者(笑)幸いすぐに見つけることができたので、ちゃんと本人にハグできました。

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