May 12, 2014

I'm taking a break from blogging.

Hi everyone!  I'm still alive. :)  I'm so sorry for my silence.  I have been thinking about this while I was quiet here and am kind of thinking to take a break from blogging.  Since I started my fumi no hi giveaway project and put my email address online, I have received many messages asking me for stationery swap or to help them buy Japanese stationery for them (esp. washi tapes) which basically is that I buy stationery that they specifically want and send them and they will pay me when they recieve the package.  When I turn down their messages, very few but some of them told me that I'm bad because I have very easy access to nice stationery in Japan but not willing to help others who can't buy them in their home.  These messages gradually took my motivation for my giveaway project and my blog. :(  I tried to bring myself back to blogging few times, but I just couldn't feel like writing anything least now.
By the way, my big apology goes to those two winners of my previous giveaway project.  I have your packages ready and will have your lovely letters for the project posted very soon (I will have at least this posting about your lovely letters before I close this blog) with a picture of pakages for you.  Sorry! :(
I may start a new blog with fresh spirits without my project or keep this blog as closed blog or...I haven't decided.  I haven't decided anything concrete but soon will.  Is there anyone still out there who is still interested in my blog?