Dec 25, 2012

Incoming letters/届いたお手紙

Are you enjoying Christmas weekend?  Christmas isn't a holiday in Japan, so today Dec. 25th is just an ordinary working day for me...By the way, did you know that KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the most popular places to buy Christmas chickens in Japan?  When I was little, KFC was a big treat because we can have a large box with full of chickens! :)  When I was living in Canada, I was surprised that on Christmas Eve, I found almost no one at KFC.  I was worried that chickens were all sold out and that's why it was so empty! lol  In Canada where I lived, people ate turkey or ham for Christmas.  How about in your culture?  Do you eat anything special for Christmas?
I have lots of mails to share with you.  This is from my dear penpal in The Netherlands.  She sent me so many tea bags and all the other lovely stationery for my birthday!  I can't wait to try all the different tea flavors!
These are from UK, USA and Indonesia.  I love all the beautiful stamps!
Lovely Chrismas card from Finland.  I wonder what's written on the card.  Anyone can help me?
Lovely stamp!!
Lovely Christmas card from UK.  I love the classic Santa!
And I love the stamps!!  I love this Santa. :)
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  To those who don't celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy day! :D

Dec 24, 2012

Incoming letters届いたお手紙

Seapking of my 4th Fumi no hi project which was supposed to happen on Dec. 23rd, I decided not to have it this month but instead have 6 winners on Jan. 23rd next year.  I'm living at my friends' apartment to look after their dog till they come back from Australia, so I wouldn't be able to pack my packages for the winners till early next year.  I hope it's OK with everyone who made entry to my project!  Thanks for understanding!

I went back to my place today to pick up my mails, and my mailbox was full!  Yei!! :D  I received many cards, so I would love to share them with you.  I love this time of the season not only because I receive Christmas cards but also I receive birthday cards (my birthday is December 31st) and the New Year's greeting cards.  LOTS of mail in my mailbox! :D

This lovely card is from my pal in the States.  Cute! :D
She used lovely Christmas stamps!  So pretty!!
This is a birthday card from my pal in the UK.  I don't like having many candles on my birthday cake (32 candles will just destroy the cake! lol), but I love receiving many birthday cards! :D
She also sent me a lovely Christmas card.  Just perfect for a penpaller! :D
This yummy yummy Christmas card is from Australia.  My mouth was watering!
These are from my friend in Romania.  She sent me a beautiful birthday card and a Christmas card with the post office picture in it.  Really cute! :D 
I have many other cards that I would love to share with you, but I will do that for tomorrow. :)  Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!! :D





Dec 21, 2012

Incoming letter/届いたお手紙

Yesterday I got a lovely mail from my pal in Canada.  We've been penpalling for years, so she knows me so well by now...candies!!!  Lovely Christmas themed candies which didn't last too long as I ate them all so fast. :D
Santa's mustache was torn off!  It seems like he had a rough flight in the storm on the way to Japan. :p
What's your plan for the Christmas weekend?  In Japan, December 24th and 25th are normal working day as they are not holidays here, but this year Dec. 23rd which is the Emperor's birthday (holiday) falls on Sunday that makes the following Monday off!  Nice!!  I will pick up a Christmas cake at my favorite cake shop. :)  Can't wait!
Have a fun Christmas weekend!! :D

Dec 14, 2012

Outgoing letter/お手紙発送

In Japan, December is one of these months when you see lots of drunken people on the street because many of us have Bonenkai or a year-end party literally meaning "Forget the year party".  Often people have Bonenkai with colleagues, but some have with friends.  Yesterday I went to Bonenkai with my friends and had heaps of fun. :)  It's more fun to party with your friends rather than with your boss. :D  Do you have anything like our Bonenkai in your country?  Maybe Christmas party for December??
Here are my outgoing mails that I sent out last few weeks.  These first two traveled to France and Croatia.
These went to Indonesia, Finland and Lithuania.
These were for my pals in UK and USA.
And these were for those winners of my 3rd Fumi no hi give-away project in Belgium and USA.  Hope they will like what I enclosed. :)
By the way, Andra, I'm ready to send out your package, so hopefully you can email me your sent letter for the project soon! :)
One question to those who made your entry to my Fumi no hi project.  Do you think it's better to skip the project for December and start again from January?  I'm wondering if you will be busy with all the Christmas and New Year's celebration in the late December and won't have much time to write a letter to someone.  What do you think?
Have a nice weekend!!

Dec 11, 2012

Incoming letter/届いたお手紙

I can't believe it's already in the middle of December...Have you done Christmas shopping?  I haven't even started yet!  Maybe this weekend. :)

Here are only some of the lovely incoming letters I received over the last few weeks.  These are lovely long letters from France and Croatia.  I replied to both of them already and am already looking forward to their next letters! :)
Beautiful French stamp.  It must be a famous painting, I assume?
On my envelope, I usually write the name of the country in both English and Japanese, and this time my French pal tried to write “France” in Japanese by copying what I wrote on my envelope. :D  France in Japanese looks like フランス, and she did a great job writing that!
These are beautiful Croatian stamps.  I always love flower-motif stamps so much!
This is from my friend in the US.  She sent me all these goodies along with her letter. :)  I love them so much!
These cards are made for her daughter’s school project.  They surely encourage me to write letters!  I will use these for special occasions. :D
This lovely lovely card is from my friend in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This is my first letter from there!  So excited!!!
My first stamps from Bosnia and Herzegovina! :D
By the way, there is something I want to share with you.  I'm engaged and getting married next year! :D  The proposal was 100% a surprise for me, so my answer to him was "What are you talking about?"  Romantic, hey? lol  My married friends all tell me that planning the wedding is like a typhoon, and that sounds scary...Well, my next year's resolution will be "No fight with my fiance over the wedding stuff". :D
Have a nice day!

Dec 1, 2012

Advent Calender Swap!/アドベントカレンダースワップ

In my previous posting, I told you that I joined a swap called Advent Calender Swap where you send 24 little gifts to your partner and reveive the same from someone, and you open one gift per day till Christmas Eve!  I sent my package to Germany and I got mine from the States!  Emily (I think it's her name), thank you sooooo much for your nice package!!!  Thank you!!! :D
Lots of gifts!
I picked up this one for Day 1.
I kind of knew that this was exactly what I wanted by touching it.  Before I opened it, I made a cup of coffee to go with the gift hoping it's what I think.  And...
Ta-da!!!  I knew it was a chocolate!!! :D  Mmm...looks so delicious!  It's a milk chocolate with caramel filling.  Mmm...looks so delicious!  (Did I just said that twice? lol)  One third of it was gone sooner after I opened it, and then I found it on the back of the package saying...
"Take time to slow down and feel yourself melt with each bite"??  Sorry it didn't happen.  It didn't take time with me at all as I was so fast eating it! lol  Oh, but I felt myself melt with each bite though. ;)  With the rest of the chocolate, I will try to take time. :D

My December started wonderfully!  I hope you had a nice start of December, too! :D  Have a nice weekend!