Jun 6, 2012

Tea from India / インドの紅茶

I received lots of tea from India!!!
These have Taj Mahal design!  Very Indian! :)
Stamps on the envelope.  I wonder who this guy at the bottom is.
I'm very looking forward to trying them! :)

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  1. I love your tea hobby. I love tea - except I drink it iced (unsweetened - sweetened is revolting). I have a blood orange black tea that I love and I love apricot black teas too...but mostly I drink straight black tea because at the volumes I drink it - it is to spendy to buy nicer teas. :)

    1. Blood orange black tea sounds delicious! How does that taste? Strong orange flavor maybe? I usually drink green tea that comes in a big pack because I drink tea a lot like you. So the nicer teas are my big treat. :)

  2. Actually, the blood orange is incredibly smooth - kind of hard to describe. I don't like Earl Grey's because the Bergamont Orange is too strong and tastes bitter to me.

    Maybe if I treat myself some time this summer I will get your address and send you a few bags (if you don't mind open bags (these don't have individual wrappers they come fifty in a tin and are just bags with no wrappers - 10 dollars for fifty - sigh)).

    1. Oh, that's so kind of you to offer sending me some teas. That'd be so nice to try some, but only only if it's not too much to ask you. If you want some tea from here or some other stuff, I'm glad to swap them for tea. :)

      10 dollars for fifty sounds expensive, BTW. :(