Nov 7, 2012

Hiking @ Mt. Takao & Mt. Jinba /高尾山&陣馬山でハイキング

Last Sunday I went hiking to Mt. Takao and Mt. Jinba both located not too far from downtown Tokyo.  Mt. Takao is 599m (1965.2 feet) tall located within an hour by train from downtown Tokyo, and it has become a very popular spot for hiking esp. after it was introduced in the Michelin Green Guide Japan for Travel and Tourism for 3 stars in 2007 (see here for further info. about Mt. Takao).  Mt. Jinba located along the border of Kanagawa prefecture and Tokyo is 857m (2811.8 feet) tall, and to its peak from Mt. Takao, you take a westward trail for about 5 hours (10km/6.2miles).  Compared to Mt. Takao where I saw lots of tourists, Mt. Jinba was more for a quiet hiking. :)
It's about 15km hike from Mt. Takao to Mt. Jinba, but since I'm a beginner in hiking, we decided to "cheat" by using a chair lift like in this picture.  I've heard that Mt. Takao is really crowded in autumn as many people come for the beautiful autumn leaves, but it was more than I expected!  We had to line up for the chair lift for like 30 minutes.  There was a long line up for cable car as well.  There were many people!
It was only 2km to the top of Mt. Takao from where we got off the lift, so that wasn't too hard.  The autumn has already arrived, and it was really beautiful. :)
Mt. Takao is one of the "100 Mt. Fuji Viewing Spots in Kanto" basically meaning that you can have a great view of Mt. Fuji, one of our most beloved mountains in Japan, in the distance. :)  It was a clear blue sky, so we had a great view of Mt. Fuji.   In the picture, the mountain with its top covered with snow in the distance is Mt. Fuji.
When we arrived at the top of Mt. Takao, I was surprised how crowded it was!  I think Mt. Takao has become way too famous since it received 3 starts in the Michelin Green Guide.  Lately I've seen many advertisements for hiking there (even TV commercials), so it has become more like a touristry site esp. on the weekends, I guess. :(  I'm not a big fan of being in the crowd, so we left there almost right after we got there and headed to Mt. Jinba.
The hiking path to Mt. Jinba from Mt. Takao was quiet and calm with less people.  We went through a quiet path like in this picture, and it was really beautiful.  The birds were singing and leaves were dancing; the light was falling onto us through trees that was really refleshing. :)

We stopped at a small rest area for lunch.  This is the view we enjoyed while having lunch. :)  I loved those mountains, mountains upon mountains, layered upon another like artistically torn pieces of wrapping paper.

And finally on top of Mt. Jinba!
OK, this doesn't look as amazing as it actually was due to my horrible camera skill, but it was really beautiful! lol  It was about 5 hours walk from Mt. Takao to Mt. Jinba, much longer than I expected it to be, but I really enjoyed the beautiful afternoon! :)  It was really refreshing!!
If you like hiking and decide to come to Japan, you might like to take the same path that I took. :)  Do you like hiking?  Where would be the most famous hiking spot in your area?



  1. OMG! *o* What a beautiful landscapes!! I hope to go there someday! ;o;

    1. It was really beautiful! We were a bit too early for autumn leaves, but it was still nice! I enjoyed everything except this muscular pain I'm still having. :p

  2. I love hiking too ^^ I'd love to visit Japan in autumn, but it's unlikely because I need to work =.= I want to see all the autumn colours... and I haven't seen Mt. Fuji yet! (I've visited Japan in August, September and over New Year ^^)

    1. Wow, so you've been to Japan few times?? That's nice! Where in Japan did you visit? Did you like our August? When my penpal from Finland visited me in August, she was almost dead because of the heat. Everyday she was sleeping nacked! lol

  3. During the first time we went to Tokyo and Kyoto too, but apart from that we always visit family on Kyushu ^^ I love Fukuoka city a lot ^^ In August it's probably not really the best time to spend a holiday in Japan, but the beach was close and there are vending machines with drinks everywhere, so... ^^

    1. I love Fukuoka, too! Once I traveled there from Tokyo by using only local trains (I was a student so didn't have money for Shinkansen or air planes), and it took me like 24 hours to get there. At that time, I thought that was such a fun trip and wanted to do that again someday, but now I know it's only for younger people to do. I will probably give up somewhere around Kyoto and go straight to the airport. lol

  4. A simple overview, straight impression, and selected good pics... It's very nice to know about not only the famous Takao but a hike to Jinba-san. To be honest, I'm not fond of reading some blogs that have posted thousands of pics and long sentences for each item. So your blog is fun and never tire me :)

    I like the phrase, "layered upon another like artistically torn pieces of wrapping paper." In winter, these layers get more and more vivid as the sky seems higher and clearer. I'm looking forward to seeing the views :)