Nov 22, 2012

Starbucks Card/スターバックスカード

Do you remember what 23rd of every month means?  Yes, it's Fumi no hi! :D  Tomorrow the Friday is 23rd, so I'm supposed to have a posting about the winners from the previous month's applicants for my third Fumi no hi Give-away project, but as November 23rd is a public holiday in Japan that means we're having a long weekend, I'll be gone for a weekend trip so have to postpone the posting to 26th.  Sorry about this! :(  I hope those who made entry in my last month's Fumi no hi project will come back on 26th to see if your name is on the posting! :D  Oh, if you want to remove your name from the applicants, please message me here ( or you can just leave a comment here.  Thanks! :)
Yesterday I sent my friend a birthday card and as a present a prepaid Starbucks card.  You can use this card to buy coffee etc. at Starbucks cafe. :)

I found this prepaid Starbucks card where you donate 100yen (about $1.3US/1 Euro) when you make the first charge on this card, and then till this Christmas every time you use this card, Starbucks donates 1% from your paying cost to Michinoku-Mirai Foundation which was established by the private companies Kagome Co., Ltd. , Calbee Inc. and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to grant scholarship to these children who lost both or one of their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 2011.  Here is the card.  It came with nice package where you can write a little message inside.
It explains inside that what this project is for and how you participate in it.
I sent her the card together with a lovely birthday card. Hope she will like them.
This card was sold from September 3rd till October 31st this year, so I bought some with some money prepaid to make them a nice birthday present, and the one I sent yesterday was the last one I bought.  I hope my friends have been enjoying their coffee and maybe some sweets at Starbucks. :)  Some of them told me that they also gave this card for their friends' birthday.  That's so nice!  I love the idea that we can help children by having a cup of coffee.  I know 1% is very small, but I think "action" is what counts, right?

I must admit that my attention for the quake-damaged areas has been fading out day by day, but I try to pause every once in a while and think of those people who have been going through tough time and see if there is anything I can do.  I know it's always not much I can do with my small hands, but there is always something that I can do. :)  I'm glad that I found this Starbucks Cards and could participate in this project.  By the way, according to Starbucks, from September 3rd till October 31st, the donation through this project reached 19,426,400yen (about $236,907US/185,013Euro).  This project will be continued till Christmas, so the donation will become bigger! :D

Like the message of the Michinoku-Mirai Foundation says, I hope that every single child grow up without giving up their dreams!! :)






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  1. It's great you'll go on a travel and I hope you enjoy it! I'll sure be back by November 23 to check if I was selected!

    I think your idea to gift your friends with this card is great. I love when gifts to my friends also help other people. :)

    1. Thanks! I had heaps of fun last weekend! I will have a posting about it soon. :) My friend messaged me that she got the letter with the present and was messaging that message at Starbucks. :) Nice!