Dec 21, 2012

Incoming letter/届いたお手紙

Yesterday I got a lovely mail from my pal in Canada.  We've been penpalling for years, so she knows me so well by now...candies!!!  Lovely Christmas themed candies which didn't last too long as I ate them all so fast. :D
Santa's mustache was torn off!  It seems like he had a rough flight in the storm on the way to Japan. :p
What's your plan for the Christmas weekend?  In Japan, December 24th and 25th are normal working day as they are not holidays here, but this year Dec. 23rd which is the Emperor's birthday (holiday) falls on Sunday that makes the following Monday off!  Nice!!  I will pick up a Christmas cake at my favorite cake shop. :)  Can't wait!
Have a fun Christmas weekend!! :D


  1. I don`t celebrate Chrismas, but I like to see all the decorations in my town and all around me. Also, I like the feeling in the air.Everyone is so busy and often with a big bag with(probably Chrismas) presents.
    Have a nice time with your friends dog, and enjoy your holidays :)

    1. Totally agree with you! I love all the Christmas decorations and the excitment in the air! :D I had big chicken for Christmas dinner, and the dog really wanted to have a bite of it. :)

  2. Oh, nice that you have a holliday for the emperor's birthday. I hope you enjoy it! I'll take the next week entirely off and enjoy it with my friends and family. Have great Hollidays!

    1. I decided not to have the project this month as I wouldn't have much time to prepare the packages for the next few weeks, and instead I will have 6 winners in Jan. I will keep you in my Jan.'s project. Is that OK?