Dec 24, 2012

Incoming letters届いたお手紙

Seapking of my 4th Fumi no hi project which was supposed to happen on Dec. 23rd, I decided not to have it this month but instead have 6 winners on Jan. 23rd next year.  I'm living at my friends' apartment to look after their dog till they come back from Australia, so I wouldn't be able to pack my packages for the winners till early next year.  I hope it's OK with everyone who made entry to my project!  Thanks for understanding!

I went back to my place today to pick up my mails, and my mailbox was full!  Yei!! :D  I received many cards, so I would love to share them with you.  I love this time of the season not only because I receive Christmas cards but also I receive birthday cards (my birthday is December 31st) and the New Year's greeting cards.  LOTS of mail in my mailbox! :D

This lovely card is from my pal in the States.  Cute! :D
She used lovely Christmas stamps!  So pretty!!
This is a birthday card from my pal in the UK.  I don't like having many candles on my birthday cake (32 candles will just destroy the cake! lol), but I love receiving many birthday cards! :D
She also sent me a lovely Christmas card.  Just perfect for a penpaller! :D
This yummy yummy Christmas card is from Australia.  My mouth was watering!
These are from my friend in Romania.  She sent me a beautiful birthday card and a Christmas card with the post office picture in it.  Really cute! :D 
I have many other cards that I would love to share with you, but I will do that for tomorrow. :)  Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!! :D






  1. I completely loved that type of Christmas cards! I am glad you liked t too :) Merry Christmas, my dear Aya!

    1. Thanks for the lovely cards! I really loved them both! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. Aww, you received some really beautiful cards :) Merry Christmas to you too and a very Happy Birthday in advance! ^.^

    1. Thanks! I love all the cards! :D Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in advance!!