Feb 24, 2014

Cute wrapping bag/ラッピング用品

I was looking for some nice gift-wrapping items to dress up the gifts I was sending for the winners of my fumi-no-hi giveaway project, and I found this.
It comes with a little plastic bag and a designed paper which is thicker than a normal wrapping paper, and you can make a little bag with them to put something small like chocolate, candies, cookies (my list goes on and on with something delicious, but you can of course put something uneatable. lol).  OK, I will show you how to make the bag with them. :)
This is the set.  They're 8 sets in the package.
I put chocolates and a tea bag in the plastic bag and then put the paper over the top of the plastic bag like a hat.  The top of the plastic bag has a sticky part so that you can put it to inside the paper, but I stapled the plastic bag and the paper instead to make it a bit secure. :D
Here are nicely gift-wrapped goodies. :)

I love wrapping the gifts because I think gift-wrapping is love. :)  Even though they know that the person who received the gift won't keep the wrapping, I believe still many people like to spend their time and money on giving a nicely wrapped gift to someone because they want to see someone's smile. :)  My giveaway project is through my blog and so I don't know the winners in person, but I still enjoy wrapping the gifts for them because I want them to smile. :)

Have a nice day everyone!




  1. I thought that little package was bought packed that way and I was surprised to read it is not. Wow! Creative! :)

    Thanks for all the nice things you`ve packed carefully.

  2. I guess I packed them well. :D I really enjoyed wrapping the gifts for you. :D

  3. These look so cute!
    Haha, and you know - I actually sometimes keep the wrapping :) My boyfriend asked me though to either use them again or throw them out after a year.