Dec 29, 2013

Belated Christmas Cards / 少し遅れたクリスマスカード

Now the Christmas season is over, but I still have some Christmas cards I received over the last couple of days that I'd love to share with you.  So here they are. :) 
From my pal in Denmark.
Danish stamp
 From my pal in Sweden
Swedish stamp
 Lovely handmade card from my pal in USA. 
America stamps.  So Christmsa! :)
 From my pal in Hungary
Hungarian stamps.  I love the gingerbread stamps! :D
It's always fun to look at the stamps. :)  This time I learned from the Hugarian gingerbread stamps that in Hungary people make gingerbreads for Chritmas (or maybe for winter, not sure).  Do you make gingerbread for Christmas?  Is that popular in your culture??  I don't think it's popular here in Japan yet, but I sometimes see them at shops in the Christmas season.  I loved gingerbreads my host mother in Canada made for Christmas.  That's one of the things I miss about Canada.
Hope you're enjoying the nice weekend! :)


  1. All of those cards are amazing!! :)
    In Finland gingerbreads are a part of Christmas :) When I was little I always helped my mum make our gingerbread house and I LOVED decorating it with candies :) The scent of baking gingerbreads is a big part of Christmas :3

    Nowadays my family only bakes some gingerbreads and we eat those with cheeses and wine during the days between Christmas and New Year :)

    1. I made gingerbread house with my host family's kids when I was in Canada, and they always told me that I don't have much talent on decorating the house! lol I saw some ingredients for the gingerbread house at shops last Christmas, but I wasn't sure I could even make one myself so didn't buy it. Maybe next year!

      Finnish Christmas must be really beautiful with the snow!!