Mar 25, 2014

Incoming Mail/オランダより手紙到着

Some people say that Monday is their least favorite in a week because it's after the weekend which means 5 more days to work, but I love Monday.  Why??  Because I tend to receive more mails on Monday than any other weekdays. :)
Let me share this lovely letter from my dear penpal in The Netherlands.  She enclosed a cute magnet that says HOLLAND. :)  I put it on my fridge so that every time I open the fridge (which happens pretty often as I often look for something to eat. lol), I remember her. :)
She put nice stamps. :)  I wonder who they are...
I totally agree with the message she put on the envelope.  And you??
I already have one missing letter to Singapore this year. :(  I hope there won't be any for the rest of the year.  Have you had any missing letter in 2014?
Have a nice day everyone! :)



  1. I really like the message on the envelope. I'm considering to write the same in every envelope I send from now on...

    1. I do too! :) I think it's a good way to say that a letter is not just a piece of paper. :)

    2. I publisehd it today:

      I'm glad you like the almond tress. Sometimes their flowers are white, and sometimes pink.