Mar 21, 2014

Outgoing Mail/お手紙発送

I think something is wrong with my laptop or this blog account or something because I can't follow new blogs!  There're some new letter-writing blogs that I want to follow, but if I try to follow the blog by pressing the button of "Join this site" like I always did before and log in through my google account, they tell me "the address/link might be too old".  What does that mean?!
OK anyway, yesterday I found these stamps at my favorite stamp shop.  Aren't they cute?
These stamps were issued in 1998.  At such shop, you can buy older stamps that you might no longer find at a post office, and I can spend hours there just looking at all the different stamps. :)  I put rabbit one and birds one side by side like in this picture and added some words for them.
I hope they will become good friends with the raddit while traveling to Europe for a week. lol  Good luck! :D
Have a nice weekend everyone! :)
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  1. Replies
    1. Back in 1998, I bought quite a lot of sheets of these stamps because they're just too adrable! I feel a bit sorry for my pals back them though because I used only these stamps for at least half a year. lol I think the rabbit one is nice to send a letter for pals who celebrate Easter. :)

  2. I follow you and all other blogs on Bloglovin. It is easy. If you still have problems, try it :)
    Stamps are really, really cute.

    1. Thanks for your advice! Now the problem is solved! Thanks a lot!!! :D