Apr 16, 2012

Lucky charms/縁起物

What kind of lucky charms are there in your country?  Here, we have many, but one of the most famous ones would be Manekineko or Beckoning Cat, or I think they're also known as "Welcoming Cat" or "Lucky Cat."  They're often made of ceramics and believed to bring good luck to the owner or good fortune to his/her business, and you can often find them at the entrace in the shops, restaurants etc.

The other day, I found these two little guys at a souvenir shop, and I had to take them home with me! :)
Aren't they cute?  I was looking for some lucky charms for my Dutch penpal who just started her own business, so that was perfect!  I also found a postcard of Manekineko, and here it is.  This guy is not as cute as those two guys I bought (woops, no offense! LOL), but this one is one of the typical look of Manekineko.
This card will be sent to The Netherland together with the two Manekineko.  I hope these guys will work hard and bring lots of good luck to my penpal! :)


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