May 25, 2012

Incoming letters/届いたお手紙

Even though it’s Friday and I’m supposed to be like “Woohoo!  It’s finally the weekend!”, I was in a bad mood because I tossed my chocolates in the trash bin by accident!  OK, this is what I think happened.  I bought sandwiches and my favorite chocolates at Seven Eleven this morning on the way to work, took only sandwiches out of the plastic bag at lunch time, put the trash into the bag and then tossed it in the trash bin without taking my chocolates out!  Nooooo…how stupid of me! :$

So, I was grumpy when I got home (I can easily become grumpy if it has anything to do with chocolates. lol).  But then, I found these letters waiting for me in my mailbox as if they knew I would be having a bad day today! :D

Letters from my dear penpals in Croatia, France and Germany! 
My French pal enclosed a beautiful postcard from Koln (I'm sorry but my laptop doesn't show German alphabets with little two dots on top of "o") where she traveled a while ago.  I didn't get a chance to visit Koln when I was in Germany few years ago, but I'd love to visit there someday esp. the beautiful cathedrals! :)
And this beautiful postcard is from my Croatian pal.  I love those orange roofs!!!  They are SO pretty!!!
By the way, are these orange roofs popular in your country?  Here in Japan, not really, but I think it's so lovely! :)

These letters made my day! :)  I hope everyone will have a nice weekend!


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  1. Oh, what lovely mail! That's definitely something to make you cheerful.
    I'm sorry you tossed your chocolates, that sounds like something I could do, lol!
    Have a nice week-end!

    1. Yes, they really cheered me up! So nice! :) I was sorry, too! I was at work when I kind of screamed "Chocolates!", and my colleagues were trying to cheer me up which was very nice. I won't make the same mistake! :)