May 31, 2012

Cards from Germany / ドイツ

I received 2 cards from Germany via Postcrossing, and I love them both!  This beautiful card is the Castle Neuschwanstein.  This is so gorgeous!!!
According to my travel guide book of Germany, this castle was buit by Ludwig II of Bavaria, and it was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle in the Disneyland.  This is so beautiful!!  When I traveled Germany few years ago, I really wanted to visit this castle, but it was a very short trip and I just didn't have time to go there. :(  Maybe next time!

And this card shows German beer in typical 1-liter glasses.  I LOVE German beer (or any kind of beer basically).  How did she know that I would looooove this card?! :D
It says that this card is from the city Munich, and I was extra happy because I've been there! :)  German beer is popular here, and every year big beer festivals called "OKTOBERFEST" (it's funny that they're not held in October) are held several places in Japan.  Last year, I went to 3 of them in Tokyo and had tons of fun!  You can try different German beer and food while listening to German music. :)

This is the official website of OKTOBERFEST in Japan.  It's in Japanese, but you can see lots of pictures there that you might enjoy.

By looking at those delicious sausages on the website, now I'm hungry! lol  This year, two festivals are already over, and we've got 5 more OKTOBERFESTs till this autumn.  The festivals support the quake- and tsunami-damaged areas in Tohoku (north-east Japan) by selling their local drinks, food and goods.  I think it's a great idea that we can support them by having fun with beer and delicious food! :)




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  1. beautiful castle!
    I don't like beer but I'm sure Oktoberfest has to be fun!
    Hope you are having a nice week!