Nov 29, 2013

Christmas cards / クリスマスカード

I had a busy day at work and was feeling really tired until I found this. ;)
Can you believe it's Christmas next month?  Time flies so fast!  Even though Christmas is not  a public holiday in Japan, we still enjoy it as a seasonal event.  The streets and shops are all beautifully decorated for Christmas, and they're so gorgeous!!  I bought some Christmas cards for my pals.  Some of the cards look delicious. :D
My mouth is watering! :D 
We don't have a culture of sending cards for Christmas in Japan, so I only send cards to my friends and penpals living overseas.  Have you started sending out your Christmas cards yet?  How many cards do you usually send for Christmas?
Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Cute cards!!!! I have already bought Christmas cards and sent to my pen pals...I've not sent many but just 10 cards or so....

    1. Thanks. :) I love searching for cute cards. You're good that you're already done sending out your Christmas cards. I have to start sending them out right away or they will miss Christmas!