Dec 6, 2013

Incoming letters / 届いたお手紙

We're still enjoying the last minutes of the leaving autumn here in Tokyo, but I can feel in the air that winter is almost here.  This weekend might be the last weekend to enjoy the colourful autumn leaves. :)
 This reminds me of Canada.
Today I'd love to share my lovely incoming letters. :)  This lovely letter, the card and the beautiful picture are from my dear penpal in Latvia.  It looks like Latvian autumn is rather "yellow" while we see lots of red here in Japan.
 Gorgeous Latvian stamps.
My penpal moved to Czech Republic from UK, and this is her first letter from Czech Republic.  Beautiful stamp! :)
 Lovely letter from UK.  She always put nice seasonal stamps.  Love them!
  Lovely Christmas stamps.
Does your post office issue Christmas stamps?  Did you buy them?  I bought some Christmas stamps and will share them in my next posting. :)


  1. I have received the same stamps from the UK, they are really wonderful. In Morocco we don't have Christmas stamps, unhappily :(

    1. The Christmas stamps are really cute, huh! :D I love stamps of seasonal events, and Christmas stamps are one of my favorites! :) When do you have special stamps in Morocco?

    2. I've been living here for a month and a half (I'm from Spain), so I really don't know the "stamp system". I think they issue some commemorative stamps every year (Green March, Week of Solidarity...), but not really seasonal stamps.

      Anyway, when I go to the post office, they sell always the same stamp. The basic one, with the king. I love that stamp, but I'd like a bit more variety, you know :/

      In Spain we have Christmas stamps, two par year: one for letters within Spain, one for Europe.

      By the way, your blog is very nice.

    3. Cool! Did you move to Morocco temporaly or longer? I used to live in Canada, and I always missed the nice design stamps there as I was too shy to ask where I could get such stamps. :p Thanks for visitng my blog. :) I like your blog, too. :)

    4. The plan is to stay here some years but, who knows? :)