Apr 20, 2012

Nakamise Dori / 浅草仲見世通り

OK, Asakusa again.  Via Postcrossing, today I sent a postcard of "Nakamise Dori", a shopping street stretching from Kaminarimon (read here for more info about Kaminarimon) to Senso-ji Temple (about 250m / 820 feet), with many nice little shops selling souvenirs and local snacks
This picture was taken in early April this year when I was there.  Our most beloved flower, cherry blossoms were about to be in full bloom.
Last year when my dear penpal from Singapore visited Tokyo, I took her to the Senso-ji Temple area, and we had lots of fun trying different kinds of local snacks while passing through Nakamise Dori.  Every time we smelled something nice, we looked around trying to find out where the great smell came from. :D  Also, it was fun to shop there, and I'm sure you can find some nice souvenirs to take home!


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