Apr 25, 2012

Mail Art/メールアート

I usually buy simple envelopes without any designs on because they're much cheaper than those nice onces.  I know I'm not that creative, but sometimes I feel like "I can do it!" and try to decorate the envelopes.  Today, I decorated 3 envelopes with stickers and tapes and rubber stamps.  The theme is "photograph."  I used a tape of a negative on top and bottom of the enveope and then put some sitckers of a camera, a picture etc..  I also stamped with a rubber stamp of rectanglar shape to make a space for the address.  I wanted to decorate more, but I was out of ideas after 3 so had to give up. :p

I hope these envelopes will put a smile on my penpals' face when they open their mailbox! :)


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1 comment:

  1. You did a very good job. :) They're lovely!