Apr 15, 2012


Last Saturday, I went to Asakusa, one of our famous sightseeing destinations in Tokyo.  Asakusa district known as "shitamachi" or old downtown where the atmosphere of the old Tokyo still exists is a temple town, and its main attraction is Senso-ji Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo.  This postcard here shows the front gate of Senso-ji Temple called "Kaminarimon" or Thusnder Gate.
The gate's official name is "Furaijinmon" that means Wind and Thunder Gods' Gate.  In front of the gate, you can see the statues of Fujin (Wind God) on the right side and Raijin (Thunder God) on the left side.  In the center of the gate, there's a big red lantern (4m/13 feet tall and 670kg/1,500 pounds weight) displaying the gate's nickname "Kaminarimon" in front and "Furaijinmon (official name)" on back.  The gate is not the original but is a restoration in 1960 by a donation from Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. known as Panasonic, and in front of the lantern, you can find his company's name written in Japanese. 

When I visited Asakusa last week, there were many tourists in the Senso-ji Temple area, and in front of Kaminarimon was absolutely packed with people trying to take a picture of the gate!  Here is a picture, and you can see how crowded it was!
I sent this postcard of Kaminarimon to a girl in Poland via Postcrossing.  I hope she will like it. :)



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