Apr 28, 2012

Outgoing letter/お手紙発送

Finally it's weekend!!  In Japan, if the public holiday falls on Sunday, you get the following Monday off as an extra holiday, and since the coming Sunday is a public holiday, we're getting the next Monday off that makes the weekend extra long! :)  Woohoo!!  Do you have a similar holiday system that you get Monday off if the holiday falls on Sunday?

I've been catching up with my letters, and today I sent this one to my penpal in UK.  I enclosed some pictures from where I live. :)

Hope this letter will put a smile on my penpal's face. :)


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  1. In Germany holidays are celebrated the day they fall on, but in Colombia, where I lived a few years ago, every holiday is celebrated on monday. So it doesn't matter if the holiday falls on a sunday, wednesday or friday, it's the next monday where you'll get the day off. Long weekends are very popular there :)
    Take care!

    1. Wow, that sounds really cool in Colombia that every holiday is celebrated on Monday so that people can get a longer weekend! :)

    2. Yes, it really is great :)