Sep 5, 2012

Outgoing letter / お手紙発送

I sent out one letter today to my pal in UK.  I enclosed some pictures that I took in the last few months.  Hope she will enjoy them. :)
Do you like enclosing pictures in your letter?  I do, especially when I can't explain something in English.  Like this time, my pal asked me "How is the traditional Japanese garden like?" and I was like..."Hmm...please look at the picture!" lol  It's my quick solution to support my English. ;)


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  1. I like to send photos with my letters too. I do it after I go for vacation or I send photos of my neighbourhood so my friends can see what it looks like where I live. I always send one photo of me even if they know what I look like from internet. My penpals send me photos too. I think it's nice to get a photo.

    1. Nowadays, we can share our photos on facebook or other SNS sites, but I still like sending the real photos. It's nice to have them printed. :)