Sep 11, 2012

Outgoing letter/お手紙発送

Today I sent out a package to my dear penpal in The Netherlands.  I enclosed her birthday present together with a birthday card (I love that birthday-cake-shaped card!).  Hope she will enjoy them.  She loves Moomin, and last month I found these Moomin magnets that came as a free gift.  It was kind of like a campaign for the promotion of a bottle water (Gerolsteiner), and if you buy a bottle of Gerolsteiner, you get one Moomin magnet for free.  I bought the water just to collect the magnets so that I can send them for her. :)  I hope she will like them. :)
I did some decolation inside the card.  I'm not that artistic, but I love doing it anyway. :)
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  1. What a thoughtful prezzie! Moomin fridge magnets! I really love Moomins too, they are so adorable. How I wish I can have some too. :D Anyway, I bet your friend will love the gift you sent her!

    1. I love Moomin, too! :) I've been using the Moomin design mug that my Finnish pal brought me from Finland 16 years ago when she was visiting me in Japan. It's so cute. :) It was really nice that I could collect these magnets for my Dutch pal. :)