Sep 10, 2012

Trip to Hakone / 箱根旅行

Last month, I got two days off from work for my summer vacation (my Australian friend told me, “Aya, that’s not a vacation but just day off!!!” lol), and I went on a short trip to Hakone, 1 hour from where I live by the limited express train called “Romancecar”.  The name comes from romance seats or pair-seats that are without the armrests between the seats (does that make it romantic?!).  Here is the photo of Romancecar.
We arrived at Hakone around 10am and were off to hiking! :)  Hakone is less than 100km (62mi) from Tokyo, our capital, and famous for relaxing hot springs and beautiful nature.  If you come to Tokyo and get tired of the city, then you can have a break in Hakone.  It’s only 1.5hours by Romancecar from the city center! :)  We took the passage of the old Tokaido from Hatajuku to Moto-Hakone (about 2 hours).  It was really refreshing!  Some of the original stone pavement from the 17th century still remained, and they were beautiful. :) 
When we arrive at Moto-Hakone by the Lake Ashi, we were hoping to see the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi, but what we saw was...THIS!  Ta-dah!!!
LOL!  We couldn't see anything because of the thick fog!!  If the sky is clear, this is what you can expect to see.  This was taken few years ago.  Lovely. :)
I stopped by at the local post office to buy some stamps, and here are the stamps I bought.  It shows the views of Hakone (special design).  Every time I visit somewhere, I try to stop by at their local post office to see if they have any special design stamps that shows their area. :)
It was too bad that we couldn't see the nice view, but maybe next time.  Hakone is not too far from my city, so I can always go there anytime I want (only if I get vacation!) :)  Did you do any traveling this summer?  How long was your vacation??  Hope you had a wonderful summer!





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