Sep 9, 2012

Outgoing letter/ お手紙発送

This is a letter and belated birthday present together with a card for my dear pal in The Netherlands.  She likes animals, so I picked up some stationery with animal theme for her.  Hope she will like them. :D  I love this My Melody birthday card! :)

By the way, how do you keep track of your penpals’ birthday?  I write them down on my calendar, but I often forget to check.  I know, it’s totally due to my laziness…  What just happened was that I changed the calendar page from August to September and found out that one of my pals’ birthday was September 1st!  I missed it! :$  Or what often happens is that one day facebook reminds me of their birthdays (TODAY is such and such person’s birthday) which is too late to send a card on time. :$  I usually buy birthday cards whenever I come across nice cards that my pals might like, so I have the card ready in advance but often don’t make it on time which is so sad. :(  I have to come up with some good ideas to remind me of their birthdays few weeks in advance!



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  1. Pretty card!
    I have a birthday calendar on which I write the names of my pen-friends. To be honest, I'm usually too late as well to send cards. From some pen-friends I know their birthday without checking, as I'm writing with them for some years already. But even then I'm still late, as it sometimes surprises me it is "that time of the year again".
    So, if you find a good way to remember you have to send a card, please tell me. ^^"

    1. I also remember some of my pals I've been writing with for some years but often only the month or the season. My memory is always vague. lol I'm hoping that someone can tell me a good way to keep track of birthdays! :)