Sep 6, 2012

"Day of Letter" / ふみの日

Do you have “Day of Letter” or something similar in your country?  In Japan, 23rd of each month is fumi no hi, literally means “Letter’s Day”, because 2 and 3 are read as fu (2) and mi (3) in Japanese that together sound the same as the word fumi which means “letter”.  And every year on July 23rd, Japan Post issues commemorative stamps with nice designs and also has some events relating to letter-writing to let people become more familiar with the culture of letter-writing.  These are this year’s commemorative stamps that I bought yesterday.  I'm glad that they weren't sold out yet. :)  I love them!

The one on the left is 80yen stamps (about US$1.25/0.80euro), and on the right is 50yen stamps (about US$0.65/0.50euro). 
These designs both come from Hyakunin isshu or literally “100 people, one poem each.”  It’s a collection of 100 poems by 100 different poets from the late 7th century to the 13th century.  Hyakunin Isshu is also known as a card game in which the players match the first part (the combination of 5-7-5 letters) and the second part (7-7 letters) of each poem (the cards look like these stamps with the picture of the poet and his/her poem written), and many of us have played this card game when we were kids.  I was always slow finding the matching card so don’t have a great memory about it though…T.T

I like cute stamps like Disney and Hello Kitty, but I also enjoy these kind of Japanese designs. :)  I hope my pals will enjoy them, too!



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