Dec 9, 2013

Incoming letters/届いたお手紙

Big thanks to those who left a comment in my previous posting and gave me the exact answer I was looking for! :D  I told my husband that an international survey indicates that I'm perfectly normal to make a mess when writing a letter, and he understands it now. ;)  It was really nice to know that I wasn't the only one to make a mess. :D
Here are some other lovely letters I received lately.  My mailbox has been really happy. :)  How about yours?  These are from Greece and Croatia.  I love the stamps! :D
 From Sweden and Germany 
I love the flower stamps. :)  I've never seen these flowers, but they must be popular in Sweden. 
Ta-da!!  I've never received a package with this many stamps!  I love Dutch old stamps, but she said she's not allowed to use the old ones any more.  Too bad. :(
 Cards, Birthday presents and lovely long letter. :)
I love looking at the different stamps from different countries.  They often show famous places, persons, food, animal, flowers...anything that tells you about that country. :)  Stamp is a piece of art!  Do you like looking at stamps?  I love it! :)
Have a nice day everyone! :D



  1. My mailbox is been on postcards-only diet for a while due to my "finals" plus the assignments I've been working on but the postcards have really made my day more than once :)

    The letters you've received look AMAZING and the stamps are just perfect! :) I collect stamps and adore receiving different stamps from my pals! One reason I'm usually the first in the line when new stamps are released and I usually buy at least two sheets of each new set :) Stamps are amazing and even if you're horrible at mail art (like I am) a stamp can really make a simple while envelope look prettier :)

    1. Woo finals! It's a long time ago for me. :p Hope you'll do well!

      Same here. I usually buy at least 2 sheets of each new set of stamps. :) I also like to check out "stamp shops" where you can buy old stamps because there're many nice once that are no longer sold at the post offices. :)

  2. I love the envelope with so many stamps, how cool!

    1. I love putting different stamps on the envelope. It more fun! :D