Dec 17, 2013

Outgoing big packages / 小包発送

As I said in my previous posting, my Singaporean penpal was staying over at our place for few days, and we had heaps of fun together!  I will share about our great time here soon, but before I forget about these packages, let me share them with you today.  I sent out big packages for my host family and my dear friends in Canada. 
Inside the wrapping bag
This first package is for the Canadian family who was my host family for 4 years when I was studying in Canada more than a decade ago.  My husband and I stayed at their place for a night when we visited Canada for our honeymoon this summer, and the family was so nice to us as they always are.  All four kids came with nice wedding gifts, and we had such a fun night together.  After delicious dinner, we went for a long horse-back riding as they live out in the country and have 6 horses!  It was such a memorable night, and we wanted to send them something for a little thank-you and also for Christmas.  This is what's inside... 
This like a book, but if you open it, you can use it as a box.  I put some chocolates, bath items, towels and a card.  I love this card.  It matches the color of the box! :)  And here is another outgoing package. 
The Christmas card
This big box is for a nice Canadian couple who are also my dear friends.  They’re both retired now and just recently bought a camper to travel with their grandkids, and they asked us if we wanted to go camping with them with their new camper when we were there in summer.  It was SO much fun!  I hope they will enjoy our little thank-you.  I love this card so much! :)
I wish Canada were closer to Japan so that I could visit them more often.  It’s too far and expensive to visit from Japan. :(  My friends (the couple) is already in their mid-60s, and I know I don’t want to think like this, but I sometimes wonder if we can ever see each other again.  I hope I can visit them again soon at least within the next 10 years.  Until we meet again, I'll keep sending letters for them. :)
Have a nice day everyone! :D



  1. The package is so beautiful!!!! It's so good of you to think about the people you were close to and appreciate their presence in your life. Everything was so beautiful in the package and I think the family would definitely like it.....

    1. I'm really thankful to have such wonderful friends in my life and to be able to be in touch with them for more than a decade. :) The packages arrived right on time just before Christmas, and they said they liked what I sent. :) Thanks for visiting my blog always!

  2. You are really a very nice person to think of people the way that you do. The packages were beautiful and I'm sure there was a smile on their faces when they received them. You always seem to find such lovely stuff!

    1. I'm so thankful to have met really nice people in Canada. Without their help, I could be dead there. lol I love checking out nice stuff at shops every once in a while especially since I got the present job in Tokyo where you can find lots of nice shops. :) Thanks for visiting my blog always! :D